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"Hello GreenLite" Client Spotlight on Billie O.

Billie O. 

Age: 74 years old

Start Weight: 199.6 lbs

End Weight: 130.6 lbs*

Weight Lost: 69 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Regained balance and ability to exercise more

Most Mindful Tip: Plan for outings and bring GreenLite recipes to potlucks.

Billie has been on the Hello GreenLite program for one year and lost 69 pounds. She is only 5 pounds away from her goal of 125!* She lives in a rural part of Oregon, and has done the entire Hello GreenLite program without ever setting foot in our California office. She will be the first to say that despite the physical distance, she feels close to her health educators Holly and Maria, who have supported her during her journey.

“My granddaughter (who lives in San Francisco) told me about the program. I thought the conference with the health educator was going to be ridiculous, a waste of time, and not helpful at all. I had lost faith after trying so many other weight loss programs. Hello GreenLite was different. Hello GreenLite gave me encouragement rather than feelings of failure. Success is a wonderful motivator. I started Hello GreenLite on June 7, 2011 at a weight of 202 lbs. I now weigh 130!*

It makes a real difference when a person can say, “I know where you’re coming from.” I never feel put down. I always feel like my questions are answered, I always feel supported, and I never feel like a nut for asking. Those are the 3 main things that the educator has done. If I were to fall off the wagon Holly, my educator, would say, “Oh, just get back on, you can do it.” When I lost my dog, Holly understood that my grief was real, and expected that I would have a tough time. I can’t stress enough the value of a gifted educator! Both Holly and Maria said the right thing each time to keep me going. The day before yesterday, I felt a little discouraged because I’d only lost a pound. Holly told me that was a great loss for a month. This gave me the willpower to not eat streusel and to reach for a string cheese instead.

I had to weigh & measure (which every diet does), but Hello GreenLite was the only place that gave me food groups. For instance: protein, fruit, vegetables, and dairy. It was real food. I’m taking time to fix the meal with things I already like. I recently stayed home from a potluck event because I was afraid that there wouldn’t be anything there that I could eat. After talking to Holly, I discovered there are some great recipes on the website that I can make to take to the next potluck. That way I’ll stay on my plan and everyone else will have a tasty, healthy option.

Last June, I joined aerobic swimming. This was especially motivating when fellow classmates noticed my new trim body in a swimsuit (the size of which became smaller and smaller). I couldn’t find a suit large enough for me when I began so went in a T-shirt and shorts. I now wear a size 8 suit and I’m exercising up to 5 days a week. I signed up for Tai Chi classes, too.

My skin looks healthier. My body looks and feels strong and healthy. I carry myself with more confidence and I am noticed. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happily married, but it is still fun to be noticed. I enjoy shopping for clothes and like my extra energy. My balance is so much better and I’m more confident that I won’t fall. We live on a ranch with cows, and whenever I would go out to walk in the fields with my husband, he used to have to really hold on to me to make sure I wouldn’t lose my balance and fall down. Now I can walk around with no fear. Now I can hop out of the car and get the mail, or hop out of the car and get the gate!”

*Actual Results May Vary

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