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Client Spotlight Amalia D.

Amalia D.

Age: 34 years old

Start Weight: 131 lbs

End Weight: 114.9 lbs*

Weight Lost: 16.1 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Balance has improved, along with energy levels and stamina

Most Mindful Tip: Experimenting with different greek yogurt recipes

“I saw results almost immediately, which also gave me a great boost in self-confidence”. I had a baby and really fell out of my body. I really wanted to get back to me and nothing seemed to be working. Most women had told me that nursing was a surefire way to get the weight off. I found that instead, the scale was stuck and nothing helped. It was really frustrating, and I wanted to get a handle on it fast!

I started Hello GreenLite in August once I stopped breastfeeding. I had a family member that went through the GreenLite Medicine program, and it really worked for her. I figured I had nothing to lose!! I found the Hello GreenLite part to be really appealing as well, as office visits were pretty much out of the question! It was fantastic and worked really well for me.

The virtual visits were a no brainer when it came to having the baby around. I had just enough guidance and accountability. It was challenging, but motivating at the same time. I saw results almost immediately, which also gave me a great boost in self-confidence. I was able to speak to my counselor, Holly, about how to give myself some wiggle room here and there as well.

It’s tough to stay on track with a new baby. Sometimes all you can do is grab something you can eat with one hand, which isn’t always the best option. Holly helped me figure out some great things to have on hand when we were on the go! The best thing about this was that I knew how to get back on track if I had a slip up, and every time I did I got results quickly! Being able to send a quick email saying, “Oh no! I totally screwed up this week!” or “My grandparents want to take us to dinner, what do I eat?” was great as well. I was able to contact my health educator anytime. It was certainly an adjustment at first, but it was great to have the support and accountability along the way.

Going back to work after baby was a big adjustment for me, as I just didn’t have the same control over my body as I used to. I have been a fitness/dance instructor for many years. With the weight off, my balance has improved, along with my energy levels and stamina.* I feel (almost) back to my old self again.

Exercise has been the toughest part of weight loss as a new mommy. If anything, I do my best to AT LEAST walk 3-4 times per week. Now that things are getting easier, I have been able to turn that into a run. I also try to squeeze in push-ups, sit-ups, and tricep dips whenever I can. If I’m feeling extra ambitious, or have some time, I love to go to a Dailey Method class, or throw in a workout DVD. My favorite new workout involves my whole family: My husband pushes the jogging stroller, and I run ahead. My son loves to “chase” me, and gets a kick out of me running towards him. Who wouldn’t be entertained by that during a workout??

I LOVE experimenting with my Greek yogurt. I have been using all sorts of extracts. I also love to make no carb protein balls, with almond meal, pumpkin, protein powder, a little stevia, etc. The possibilities are endless with those. They are really great for a post- workout snack as well.

I fit into all of my old clothes! I am a couple pounds heavier than I was pre-baby, but feel as though I have settled in to a weight that is right for me. I am still working on toning back up, but I have the confidence now that it will happen. I love that my family is involved, and that my husband has taken time to take stock in how he fuels his body as well.

*Actual Results May Vary


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