11 Cancers Connected to Being Overweight

As any weight-loss physician will tell you, many diseases and health conditions are connected to being overweight.  Being overweight not only increases your chances of cardiovascular disease or diabetes but may also increase the risk of certain forms of cancers.  According to a study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, there is strong evidence that links excessive body fat and increased risk of 11 cancers.  These 11 cancers include colon, rectum, endometrium, breast, ovary, kidney, pancreas, gastric cardia, biliary tract system, and a few cancers of the esophagus and bone marrow.   (more…)

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Your New Kitchen Friend – The Bamboo Steamer

The bamboo steamer is an inexpensive, versatile cooking tool that will change the way you prepare your dieting meals.  It is placed over a pot of simmering water and allows steam to rise through the layers of bamboo to cook the food.  The bamboo steamer can be used to steam veggies, seafood, poultry, and meats.  It is also a super healthy way to cook food when dieting, since you are not using any additives like oils or fats.

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Things to Do with Extra Daylight

Who does not love a little extra sunlight, right?  With longer days comes the opportunity to do more fun, active things outdoors.  Here are a few ways you can take advantage of the extra sunlight while still benefiting your weight-loss plan.

Warm Up Your Green Thumbs: Gardening is not only a good way to get moving outdoors but also is a great way to grow healthy fruits and veggies in your own backyard.  If you have tried gardening before, mix things up, and try planting a veggie you have never grown before.  If you do not have a lot of outdoor space to garden, consider growing easy to grow herbs in a well-lit space indoors. (more…)

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Go Green for National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month!  It is also the perfect time to go green by growing vegetables in your own backyard or even inside your home.  Growing your own veggies is not only a cost-effective way to enjoy an organic diet plan but also a neat way to engage in a healthy hobby.  If the idea of planting and growing your own food seems daunting, below are a few easy veggies to plant in or outdoors.

Garlic Greens: Start by purchasing a garlic clove with small bulbs.  Grab a small, roughly 4-inch pot with drainage holes.  Then, fill it with potting soil leaving about ½ inch at the top of the pot.  Break the bulbs into cloves, and push each clove an inch or so into the soil leaving the pointy end up.  Put it in a sunny spot, and water regularly.  When watering, the soil should not be soggy but moist. (more…)

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