2017 Food Trends

As we head to into the New Year and start to consider a new diet plan we would like to adopt or continue, check out some of the foods that are predicted to be the trendiest in 2017.

Alternative Pasta: Alternative noodles have been steadily growing in popularity.  You can now find alternative pasta made with plant-based products, such as kelp, zucchini, or shirataki noodles, will allow you to modify some of your favorite meal choices while skipping the calories and carbs and gaining the health benefits of eating plant-based foods.  Note: Be sure to check the nutrition label to make sure the plant-based alternative pasta you choose is on-plan with your diet plan. (more…)

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Is Spirulina the New Kale?

spirulina_ce-728x400A couple of years ago, everyone was on the kale bandwagon.  Now, spirulina is the new craze everyone is buzzing about.  Spirulina, a cyanobacterium, is a nutrient powerhouse.  When you are on the path to living a healthier lifestyle, nutrient-rich foods are your diet plan’s greatest allies, so it makes sense that people are raving over spirulina and its health benefits.  As with any new changes to your diet plan, there are many things to consider before deciding if it is right for you. (more…)

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Making a Realistic Low-Carb Diet

asian-lettuce-cups-large-61381While you recently decided to pursue a more low-carb diet, you may balk at what you believe to be the limited food choices that come with it.  Plain fruits and vegetables may not be your thing, and the idea of consuming nothing but those day in and day out can be enough to make you nix the low-carb diet idea altogether.  But, it does not have to be that way.  You can still enjoy fulfilling and exciting food choices that also happen to be low-carb. (more…)

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Healthy Snacking

paprika-639393_640When you hear “snacks,” the foods that probably come to mind are pre-packaged foods, such as chips, crackers, and granola bars.  However, these are not the only available options.  It is important to shift your perceptions of snacks toward healthy foods, such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, cheese, and yogurt, that are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients.  Snacks can definitely be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, but as with anything related to your diet plan, it depends on what and how much is being consumed. (more…)

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Healthy Options from Around the World

bacon-1536397_640Dieting can be difficult for weight-loss, and the hardest part is maintaining that healthy eating for the long run.  There are definitely dieting tactics that will help you lose weight fast, but crash dieting and juice cleanses will not stick long-term.  If you start dieting and working to lose weight, you want to make sure you keep those pounds off.  Let’s face the facts.  No matter how strict you are with yourself and your dieting, going out to eat is inevitable.  Eating out at restaurants do not need to be a frightening event but rather an occasion that you can happily enjoy.  There are definitely options for every cuisine.  You just need to make sure you order smart and healthy.

Tip: If you know where you are going ahead of time, check out the menu, and set yourself on a specific dish.  Making the decision beforehand will prevent any spur-of-the-moment ordering when you see something you have been craving. (more…)

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