Getting Spicy with Jamaican Herbs

Weight-loss diets that work and produce long-term results usually involve keeping your dishes interesting.  There is no better way to add kick and spice to a meal than to add a Jamaican twist to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  You may think that the only way to add a Jamaican flair to a meal is to add curry seasoning, but there are several ways to infuse Jamaican flavor into dishes.  These five Jamaican herbs and spices will help you add some adventure to your next healthy weight-loss meal.  Mix and match and play around with the flavors to find your next family favorite! (more…)

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5 Essential Pieces of At-Home Workout Gear

Even though we all know how important it is to exercise, it is still challenging to block out the time to do it.  Work and family demands can sometimes feel never ending and can make working out on a regular schedule tricky.  While time may limit your chances of going to the gym or taking that early morning run, you can still benefit from an impactful workout right at home.  You can start by adding a few trainer-recommended exercise essentials to your at-home workout space. 


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