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Bill P.

Age: 39 years old

Start Weight: 407.6 lbs

End Weight: 214.1 lbs*

Weight Lost: 193.5 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: Able to dirt bike more often and pick up scuba diving

Most Mindful Tip: Measuring and weighing food to track and portion correctly


My wife’s parents have been very successful with the GreenLite program and have been good about keeping the weight off.

When my wife started thinking about doing it, I jumped at the opportunity to support her by joining too. I wasn’t sure it would work on me, and on my original questionnaire I only put 20 pounds as my goal weight! I’ve lost a lot more than that and am lighter than I’ve been in 20 years.*

I started back in June 2013 and have had a very good experience with GreenLite. After meeting Nancy (my health educator) she did the “InBody” body composition test and had me talk to the medical provider. She came up with a nutrition plan and has been with me ever since – and I’m grateful.

My favorite recipe is the GreenLite Low-Carb Chili. Measuring and weighing all my food has helped me keep track of what I am eating and ensures my portions are correct. The weight has been melting away and I am surprised to see what I have accomplished so far.

My exercise routine is really just being me. I don’t really do much of it differently and just do what I’ve always loved to do: like riding dirt bikes, playing with my kids, and other outdoor things. I’ve noticed that I’m able to ride for a much longer time and do not get tired at all, where before I would be wiped out and need to take some breaks.

One thing that has changed for me is that I can do a lot more just because I’m lighter. We are going on a trip to Hawaii and I will be able to do any activity I want for the first time. I’ve also taken up scuba diving since I have a smaller frame and can maneuver easier.

*Actual Results May Vary

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