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We all love the outdoor options that summer brings, but fall also has its perks when it comes to outdoor recreation.  Fall weather brings comfortable temperatures that make spending time outdoors a must.  If you are looking for a new way to burn calories while having fun outdoors, biking is the perfect place to start.  Plus, fall just happens to be the best season to shop for a bike.  Bike dealers slash their prices to make room for newer models released in early September.  Aside from catching a good deal, check out some of the other reasons you should pick up biking this fall.

Improved Strength and Stamina: Biking helps increase strength and stamina.  It is a self-paced activity, so for those who have not built up their stamina or strength, it is the perfect activity.  You can pace yourself initially and continue to build up your strength and stamina over time.

Low Impact and Easy: Biking is a low impact form of exercise.  It causes less strain and is less likely to cause injury than many other forms of exercise.  Biking does not require much skill at all, making it the perfect activity for those of us who may not be naturally athletic.  Additionally, learning to ride a bike (if you do not already know) is fairly simple.

Metabolic Rate: Taking your bike for a ride helps raise your metabolic rate while building muscle and burning fat.  If you are a beginner, you can start with a slower biking pace for shorter spurts of time.  As you progress, you can adjust your biking intensity and time to get better results.

Time-Efficient: Biking can be enjoyable and time-efficient, since it is a mode of transportation.  You can choose to take your bike for a ride to the grocery store instead of driving your car to pick up a few things from the market.  Try biking to work if it is doable.  Take this concept a step further, and take the family on a bike ride to visit friends or family who live close by.  Biking can help you accomplish tasks while getting good, low-impact physical activity.

Mood Booster: Going out for a bike ride while enjoying nature is a great way to boost your mood and reduce anxiety.  A boost in mood is associated with all forms of exercising, but biking paired with adventure and the great outdoors gives you a great way to battle stress.

Medical Weight Management Apps: If you are using any apps to track your medical weight management journey, be sure to check if they have an option for entering cycling exercise info to note your hard work!

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