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oceanThe best weight loss programs for women take into account that changing your body is an incredibly personal process.

For men, we’ve known for a while, losing weight is usually easier and faster.

Women come across unique struggles in the journey to shed extra pounds, and that’s why it’s important to find a program that will cater to your needs.

So what do the best weight loss programs for women all have in common?

Let’s take a look at a few of the common denominators: 

1. The best weight loss programs for women…. Have a female staff! 

Look, we’re not trying to sound gender-biased. There are plenty of men who are great at doling out weight loss advice and who make fantastic health educators.

But if you’re a woman trying to lose weight, you’ll benefit greatly from working with a female educator. It’s not extreme to say that women have particular issues that men simply can’t relate to when it comes to food and body image.

Being able to relate one-on-one to another woman can give you the support and encouragement you need, while offering a safe space to talk about subjects that are uniquely female in nature.

2. The best weight loss programs for women…Teach you how to eat REAL food

The average woman spends a fair amount of time in her kitchen. Even if you’re not an aspiring chef or feeding a family of four, women need to learn how to eat right for themselves.

Pre-packaged meals that come with many weight loss programs don’t empower women to learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

You don’t learn how to navigate your own grocery store and buy the things you need.

And if you’re a woman feeding your spouse or your family, you won’t figure out how to start creating healthy meals that everyone will love.

Learning how to cook and eat REAL food is non-negotiable when it comes to weight loss – at least the kind of weight loss that will be lasting.

3. The best weight loss programs for women…Address the emotional side of eating. 

It’s not likely you gained weight just because you enjoy food.

There are often deeper issues going on. Issues that have to do with patterns of emotional eating or disordered eating. And guess what?

There’s nothing wrong with that!

But a good weight loss program needs to address these issues – not gloss over them, hand you a diet plan, and send you on your merry way.

Sure, you may lose a little weight, but the deep-seated issues that made you turn to food in the first place, perhaps to find comfort, relieve stress, etc., will come back up eventually.

Women need to learn how to take an honest look at our coping mechanisms when it comes to food, and how to change them so they serve us, not harm us.

4. The best weight loss programs for women…Allow for failure. 

It’s a myth that once you start a weight loss program you better not mess up.

Thing is, messing up – falling off the wagon, binge eating, whatever – is NORMAL during a weight loss program.

It’s part of the process.

When entering into a weight loss program, women need to feel that it’s OK if they don’t do it perfectly, or if they need some time to adjust to a new way of eating and living.

Failure is OK. The important thing is to keep coming back to a place where you’re willing to try something different, to look honestly at your behavior, and to have compassion for yourself.

It’s in that place we can create true behavioral and mental change – and weight loss becomes just a spectacular side effect of taking care of yourself.

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