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20100401-woman-window-300x205Do I look fat?”  That dreaded question.  Think about how many times people ask themselves or loved ones that loaded question.  Now think for a second about how the answer makes you feel.  The truth is if you are asking that question then the answer will always be an empty one.  If you are wondering if you look “fat,” chances are that you are unhappy with not only your body but that there is a deeper underlying issue.  Being overweight carries an incredible amount of negative feelings, and it can be near impossible to feel good in your own skin.  Often times, the years of guilt and shame about being overweight can do a number on your self-esteem.  Rather than wondering to yourself “Do I look fat?” you may want to consider asking yourself something more introspective.  Do I look happy?  Tired?  Sad?  Energetic?  Fulfilled?  Am I like the best version of myself?

If you answered no to that last question, how can we go about changing that?  To be the best version of yourself, you have to love and respect your body.  In order to do that, permanent changes can only be made through self-love and self-respect rather than negativity.  This cannot be an occasional event.  It has to be daily.  This may seem like a daunting task at first.  You may wonder where you would even begin to start breaking the cycle of negative thinking.  Recall when you started a new diet program and how daunting that seemed at first?  Yet, with each little step, your new diet program became successively easier and just a normal part of your routine.

Some tips that many clients find very helpful are to try making a list at the end of the day of all the ways you showed respect and love to your body and how they made you felt.  That can be anything positive from following your diet program, eating healthy food, exercising, or drinking enough water.  Also, note how you felt when you did not do these things.  Every morning, you have a fresh start to show love and respect to your body.  You have the power to decide which direction you want the day to take.  This may be very hard for some people to start doing.  The best thing to do is to take it day by day – just as you do with your diet program.

Showing respect and gratitude to your body by fueling it with real, whole foods will go a long way in helping your body image.  Keeping the list you create will not only help you begin to respect your body but it will also serve as a positive reinforcement to stay on track with your diet program.  Making positive changes and treating your body with love is a great start to feeling good in your skin.


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