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tape measureFor some people, opting for a medical weight loss diet plan is the last stop on a long journey.

You’ve tried the crash diets. You’ve done the home workout programs. You’ve even gone on those crazy juice cleanses or liquid diets. But in the end, you’ve probably found what most people discover:

None of that really works. 

So you turn to a medical weight loss diet plan – as you should. The simple fact is programs that are medically supervised have much higher success rates. So if you’re looking to lose the weight for good, consider the following reasons for choosing a program that’s run by obesity professionals:

1. Doctor supervision = a personalized journey. The benefits of having a doctor supervise your weight loss journey can’t be overstated. Oftentimes there may be underlying factors that prevent you from losing weight, such as having a pre-existing medical condition. This is where having the advice of a medical professional becomes valuable – they can personalize your medical weight loss diet plan so that everything is working in tandem based on your unique health challenges, your medical history, what medications you may be taking, and any other factors that come into play.

2. There’s a science behind it. While diet programs are usually based on some type of scientific or anecdotal evidence, not all of them are reliable, to say the least. With medically supervised weight loss, you can be sure the plan you’re following was created by obesity experts with extensive training in the science of weight loss. And while every medical weight loss program is different, most adhere to a similar diet that is properly balanced in the three macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This “science” component is also important because it allows doctors to prescribe a certain regimen that you can be sure is safe for your weight, height, medical history, etc.

3. Access to helpful medications. While they’re not required on a weight loss program, having access to appetite suppressants can be a helpful tool for many people who are not used to restrictive eating that often characterizes a medical weight loss diet plan. A program that is medically supervised is the only way to get access to these types of medications, which often help clients kick-start big weight loss that motivates them to keep going. Additionally, medical supervision means you can talk with the doctor about other medications you might need to address other health concerns that could be inhibiting your weight loss (mood disorders, anxiety, metabolic problems, etc.).

Our GreenLite programs incorporate a medically supervised diet plan with one-on-one health coaching with our nutrition educators, which provides an individualized approach that has worked for hundreds of our clients. Call us today (866-661-5673) for more information or to have a free consultation! We offer both virtual and in-person programs.


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