3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Diet Plan

vitamin-supplements3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Diet Plan

Meal replacement programs such as Medifast, Optifast, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem, provide you with food as a way of structured portion control. Have a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch or snack, and add water, mix and microwave chili for dinner, are all portioned out for you. It simplifies the decision of what to eat. There is no need to shop or cook your own food.

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5 Tips to Successful Weight Loss

  1. success-479569_1280Take your journey one step at a time.
    Healthy habits take time to become engraved in your daily routine. If you take too much on at once, you are more likely to become discouraged. If it’s too hard, it’s challenging to keep the momentum going. This is generally why New Year’s resolutions generally don’t last. How many of you have heard of this resolution, “I’m going to eat better, eat less, exercise more, get more sleep, and better manage my stress!” Instead, focus on one small specific goal at a time. For example, “I’m going to cut out soda this week.” Once you have accomplished this goal, add another, “I’m going to eat breakfast every morning.” Before you know it, you will be on your way to building the core habits that will be part of your daily routine and lead to real results.
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Cashew Chicken and Greens Stir Fry

Recipe_cashew-greensHere at GreenLite Medicine, we believe that taste and health can happily co-exist. This protein-packed, low-carb twist on a classic take-out favorite features a savory collision of flavors that will be sure to leave everyone at the dinner table satisfied. Rather than pairing the dish with traditional rice, grate or toss cauliflower into a food processor and then sauté until soft and slightly brown. Not only will the end result be delicious, but also GreenLite-approved! Continue reading

Stefanie Lost 32 Pounds by defying genetics!


After my uncle had a fatal heart attack at the young age of 28, my doctor began to take a look at my health. I was 5 years old and already diagnosed with high cholesterol. At that point, my health was my parents’ concern, but once I was old enough to take responsibility for my own health, I realized that it was pretty difficult to make good decisions. Continue reading

3 Things to Look for in a Weight Loss Food Program

vegetablesIf you’re searching for an effective weight loss food program, there are certain things to look for to ensure you have the right match.

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Free Skin Tightening Treatments for GreenLite Clients

2S0A6936Last month we told you about some new services being offered to GreenLite clients under Dr. Sooji Rugh’s medical aesthetics practice called Bloom Medicine.

And to kick off 2015, we’re adding even more treatments to the menu of services through Viora, an innovative technology that is used for skin tightening and cellulite reduction (and we’re giving away some treatments to GreenLite clients – keep reading!)

You’ve Lost the Weight…But Not Your Body Hangups

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