Vitamin D: What it Means for Your Waistline – and Your Brain

vitaminsIf you follow the news at all, you may be wondering what the hype is all about when it comes to vitamin D.

Research is beginning to show that vitamin D deficiency may be associated with everything from heart disease and depression to fibromyalgia and infertility.

But there are other reasons why you may want to get your vitamin D levels checked – and some of these reasons are why vitamin D is a standard measurement we look at when evaluating our patients here at GreenLite Medicine.  Continue reading

5 Tips for Effective Weight Control

file5419c94194822Weight loss is one thing, but keeping it off is quite another. 

When it comes to effective weight control, it’s important to understand that you’ll inevitably see ups and downs on the scale – our bodies fluctuate depending on what we’ve eaten, how much we’re moving, and how our hormones are behaving in response to lifestyle factors like stress.  Continue reading

Zucchini and Shallot Frittata (Low-Carb and Gluten Free)

zucchiniWhat we like about this frittata recipe is that it’s easy enough for a simple breakfast but fancy enough for company. 

Just triple the recipe for guests, use a cast iron pan, and finish it in a hot oven, recommends the team at Big Girls Small Kitchen (original recipe there). Don’t have zucchini on hand? That’s OK. Substitute another veggie and you’re good to go.  Continue reading

What’s Involved in a Medical Weight Loss Program?

walkingHow do you know if a medical weight loss program is right for you? 

With so many options out there, it isn’t easy to distinguish the right path when it comes to moving toward your health and fitness goals.

Should you work with a nutritionist? A personal trainer? A doctor? All three?

Put simply, a medical weight loss program can be a good fit if you’ve tried other options but can’t seem to make lasting changes. Here’s what’s usually involved:  Continue reading

Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

weightsIt’s a question you might ask as your body seems to change but the scale doesn’t budge: Does muscle weigh more than fat?

Weight loss can be a frustrating journey when you’re married to a particular number.

I’ll be happy when I’m 140 pounds.

I can’t get into that bathing suit until I’m at my goal weight.

I need to lose 15 pounds before this wedding. 

These are common sentiments, but they don’t take into account the true nature of weight loss – which is a more complicated story than just the number you’re seeing on the scale.  Continue reading

Food Composting 101

plantWe live in a world where throwing food away is done without much thought.

But as our landfills become overloaded and our water supply becomes more and more threatened by toxic waste, finding ways to “recycle, reduce, and reuse” isn’t just a good idea – it’s a necessary one.

Composting isn’t just a way to be more ecologically responsible. It’s also a way to become more conscious of what and how much we eat, as well as what we might be wasting.

If you’ve ever wanted to try food composting but don’t know where to start, there’s no time like the present. Read on for some basic tips and information:  Continue reading