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coffee-171653_640If you are like 83% of most Americans, you are a coffee drinker. According to a 2015 Zagat survey, Americans spend on average $3.28 per cup of coffee and $21.32 each week to get their coffee fix. Americans in their 20’s drink 1.8 cups a day, and the amount increases with age. 2 cups is the average for Americans in their 30’s, and that jumps to 2.2 cups in their 40’s. Once Americans hit their 50’s, the average cups each day increase to 2.4. If people are drinking this much coffee and spending so much money, they must love coffee… right?

Here is the plain truth about what you are really drinking. Most people are not drinking whole bean, straight coffee. Americans drink flavored coffee, and use additives, such as sugar, artificial sweetener, creamers, and flavored syrup. That is not even counting whip cream! By the time you drink your skinny caramel macchiato with extra whip, are you really enjoying the taste of coffee? Or, are you basically drinking a candy bar?If you are currently on a diet program and taking appetite suppressants, regular coffee is not advised. Decaffeinated coffee is allowed, provided that you meet your daily water intake. GreenLite clients are advised to drink 100-128 ounces of fluid a day, half of which needs to be water. If you are trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, it begs the question: is coffee even worth it?

Let’s say you are someone that swears you love coffee, and you cannot imagine living without it. Try stripping away all of the add-on’s and try high-quality, plain black decaffeinated coffee. Ask yourself if you really like the taste. If you do not like how plain coffee tastes, you may discover that you liked other things about coffee. You may like the smell, the ritual of a morning cup, or you may just have liked all the additives. If that is the case, consider taking a break from coffee.

Most GreenLite clients are serious about empowering themselves and trying to lose weight. If you are interested in making better choices and living a cleaner life, what could you do with an extra $21.32 each week? Perhaps you have always wanted to take cooking lessons or buy a really good juicer. That extra money could go towards exercise classes or a registration fee for a 5K you have always wanted to run. Or, you could put that money away, and save it for post-weight loss new clothes. The list is endless!

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