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Obstjoghurt01There are so many food options available these days that it will take a savvy, label-reading shopper to decipher the nutritional worth of a product and determine whether or not the item is on track with your weight-loss diet plan.  Below are some of the current trendy “healthy” foods, and let’s see if they are good for your diet plan.

Agave Nectar: Often accompanied with the description “all-natural sweetness”, agave nectar have been frequenting your local grocery stores and food menus.  But, just because agave nectar may be all natural does not mean that it is better for your diet plan than plain sugar.  In fact, calorically-speaking, agave nectar has 60 calories per tablespoon versus 40 calories per tablespoon of regular sugar.  So, if you are looking for sweetness, try Stevia instead.  Try this recipe with Stevia: Smoothie with Lemon and Mango.

Greek Yogurt:  Higher in protein content compared to regular, plain yogurt, Greek yogurt is a great fit for your high protein, low carb diet plan.  Since Greek yogurt is less sugary, you may want to add some fresh fruits for sweetness, but watch your portion-size to not cancel out the Greek yogurt’s benefits.  Try this recipe: Cucumber Yogurt Salad.

Kale: You probably have heard of this one before and seen it in all forms, ranging from kale chips to kale salad.  Kale is high in vitamin A, B6, C, and K, just to name a few.  Kale can add flavor, color, and variety to many dishes and is a definitely a yes for your diet plan.  Try this recipe: Kale Chips.

Quinoa: This grain is one of the few grains that boasts a high protein content, especially when compared to other grains.  However, quinoa has approximately five times more carbohydrates content than protein content.  So, even though quinoa has more protein compared to other grains, quinoa is not great for your weight-loss diet plan when compared to other food products.  To substitute your grains, try this recipe: Cauliflower Rice.

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