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Amelia S.

Age: 40 years old

Start Weight: 153.9 lbs

End Weight: 117.0 lbs

Weight Lost: 36.9 lbs

Biggest Life Change: Healthier and more active with her child

Most Mindful Tip: The program is a lifestyle approach to finding a balance in your life.



I gained a lot of weight while I was pregnant. First, I kept telling myself that it was normal and that it happens to everyone…that it’ll be easy to lose the weight after the pregnancy. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with preeclampsia which forced me to be more sedentary. 

After my son was born, even though I lost some weight, the loss was minimal. I kept telling myself that it was OK and that with time I’d go back to my normal self. Well, right before our son turned 1 year old, I decided to take some action because nothing I tried seemed to work – so I realized that I would either change my habits for good, or I would carry the weight for years to come.

I didn’t want to continue feeling bad about myself, and I wanted to be healthy and active for our little one! I needed to take action – some serious approach and not just a halfway method, because I knew that unless I did something very specific that I would take seriously, nothing would work. If I wanted or needed to lose 5 pounds that would have been a different story, but I needed to lose serious weight, and that’s when Greenlite came to my life.

I started with Greenlite on April 2014.

My first appointment was with Dr. Sooji Rugh. We went through a lot of questions, feedback, and approach for my specific case. On your first appointment they weigh you, measure everything, and you leave the office having a clear idea of what your weight goal is, what’s your recommended body mass and all that info that unless you see people in the field, you wouldn’t know on your own. Besides, you get a lab slip for you to go and get your blood work so it is serious approach based on facts, not just the weight saying that you are X lbs. When you see your cholesterol levels on red numbers, you know you need to do something.

The health educators help a lot. When I started, I had my meetings in person, but towards the end of my journey we moved to another state and I even continued with Holly using their Skype meetings so I continued having her support. It is very interesting but the fact that you have to sit down in your computer on a weekly basis so someone will check on you, your weight, your goals and challenges, – it totally made the difference to me. It is like that feeling that you don’t want to look bad, and better than that, the feeling of satisfaction when (in this case Holly) would say great things about my performance and success! Great pat on the back moment!

My sister-in-law told me about Greenlite Medicine a couple of years ago. I remember thinking that she looked great and that whatever she was doing, it was working for her. For me the word “medicine” gave me confidence because I knew this wasn’t any Weight Watchers meeting (no offense to Weight Watchers) but something more seriously tailored to real, well-paced, monitored weight loss under the supervision of a doctor which sounded very safe to me. And once I met with Dr. Rugh I knew I did the right thing. She made me feel at ease, she was super positive and encouraging. And listening to her own experience and how she actually applies it to her daily routine made it more clear. The same with Holly, because seeing real people actually trying this approach and swearing by it, speaks louder than any printed info.

I was very sedentary in the past, but after starting Greenlite I decided to incorporate exercise as part of my routine. Having a baby isn’t easy to go the gym or doing an activity on your own, so my go-to exercise was plain walking. I started with short distances until I built more endurance and made my daily walking my exercise activity. Sounds simple, but there’s a lot you can do with simple walking. You can walk long distances, you can walk up serious hills (San Francisco is great for this!) and you can speed up and make it more challenging. I would also carry my son as much as I could so I would exercise a bit my arms too. And I would take stairs instead of elevators when possible just to add something extra. Now I have joined a bootcamp and my husband, baby, and I go for family walks, family bike rides and so on. Anything you can do to move around is a great plan.

Physical change I enjoyed the most??! Seeing my NEW & IMPROVED body shape! I still cannot believe that I have lost 40 pounds!* Getting on my pre-pregnancy clothes and even buying a smaller jeans size felt great! And the energy I have for my son now is a wonderful thing. I’m a more active person, and above it all, I’m a healthier version of myself.

This isn’t a diet. This doesn’t have an expiration date. This is a lifestyle approach. You learn how to eat. When to eat it. Why you eat it and how it works on your body. They give you the tools and offer you support while you are in the plan, but the ultimate goal is for you to learn how to do it by yourself so you can always apply it on your daily life. Even if you have kids, you travel for work, you go out to restaurants, you can actually eat healthy, find the balance, and be in charge of your own health. But you have to be ready, there’s no magic trick. If you are in that place of feeling lost and that nothing works, give it a try. I was skeptical, and 40 pounds lighter proved me wrong. It does work and I’m very, very thankful I did it. I’m on my own now and I’m still doing good after a year! I still have my 40 pounds off and I have continued with the plan!*

*Actual Results May Vary

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  • Sue Carter

    Congratulations Amelia!!!! You look fantastic!!!

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