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Casey N.

Age: 56 years old

Start Weight: 188 lbs

End Weight: 143.6 lbs*

Weight Lost: 44.4 lbs*

Biggest Life Change: No longer have heartburn or digestive problems, and gained the ability to control portions*

Most Mindful Tip: Asking servers to substitute extra vegetables for rice, couscous, potatoes, polenta or other starchy sides

I felt completely unable to lose weight and, frankly, overwhelmed.

My weight had been steadily creeping up for the past 10-15 years, although I never had returned to my ideal weight after the birth of my second child 28 years ago (yikes!).

Blaming it on “baby weight” got old after about a decade. I blamed my ever increasing waistline on stress, hormones, and age.

I “watched” what I ate, cut back on certain foods, even followed a few diets, and avoided processed food and sweets, and stepped up my walking routine, but the scale did not budge.

I became resigned to think that I was destined to be plump.

However, as my daughter’s wedding was approaching and I saw recent photos of myself clearly carrying an excess of 50 pounds, I became alarmed and decided I needed to do something… STAT!

I signed up for 3 months at my first GreenLite consultation. My first appointment was with Holly and Dr. Rugh on May 16, 2013, and they were marvelous.

Holly asked questions to get to know me, listened intently, explained the program thoroughly, answered questions, gave me great advice and tips for embarking on the eating plan, and performed analysis/diagnostics tests.  I was floored by the results (could I really be that unhealthy??) and wondered how I had let myself go.

Holly was extremely understanding and encouraging.  Dr. Rugh, too, was completely supportive and very encouraging, providing advice and answering the myriad of questions I had.  

The theme was simple: 1) take each day at a time, or I’ll be overwhelmed, 2) follow the plan, and 3) stay mindful of my body (behaviors, hunger, eating habits.)

I listened to them both and, most importantly, put the plan into action that day and followed their advice, and the first week, I was down 5 pounds. I was blown away!

The weekly one-on-one consultations and weigh-ins are lifesaving.  

As my schedule lined up, I began to see Nancy each week and fell in love with her.  She “got” me!  She could relate to what I was going through, my emotions and fears, along with the challenges I faced each week.

Nancy lived the plan, so knew first hand.  She celebrated with me with every success, and helped me focus on setting goals for the next 7 days.

She kept me accountable and cheered achievements.  When I did not lose weight one week or when I shared with her some slip or “failure” (boy, I can be dramatic!) during the previous week, she helped me understand how to correct without beating myself up.

Most importantly, she taught me how to learn from a mistake and move on.  She helped me plan how I would navigate parties, bridal showers, dinners out, and travel while keeping to the eating plan.

At first, I found it easier to rely on a small number of meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and rotate them through the week.  It worked for me and I didn’t get bored, and it was much easier to track everything I ate (a HUGE tool for success.)

Nancy, however, encouraged me to branch out and include other foods and try out different recipes for variety.  It has been incredibly helpful to expand my repertoire of meals and foods that I can enjoy while following the GreenLite program. It made it interesting and I felt satiated.

What made the most difference to me was that although I was the one choosing foods, planning meals, and exerting the discipline necessary to stick with the plan, I always felt that Nancy and Dr. Rugh were in this lifestyle change with me every step of the way.

Never did I feel alone or isolated.

After losing 15 pounds the first month*, I felt accomplished, was motivated and determined, and establishing healthy habits. The eating plan started to become second nature to me.  I felt better than I had in years (no more sluggishness or heartburn), my clothes were loose, and I had more energy.

My oldest daughter (maid of honor), who also struggled with her weight, was so inspired by my progress and attitude that she started with GreenLite in June to be slimmer for her sister’s wedding. She has continued to lose weight consistently and has been transformed.

By my youngest daughter’s wedding in September, I had lost 38 pounds and wore a size 8 dress for the first time in nearly 30 years.*

Friends and family, especially those who had not seen me recently, were amazed. Several people said they weren’t sure, at first, who I was when walking down the aisle. The best thing is I felt great and was actually happy with the way I looked for the first time in decades.

I am now within 7 pounds of my original weight goal and check in with Nancy every 4 weeks.

My first impressions, from the website and appointment setting to my visit, were spectacular. Upon stepping into the office, I was warmly, professionally, and enthusiastically greeted by Amanda.

The office is clean and nicely appointed. Amanda explained the billing options and process clearly. While in the waiting room, I chatted with a patient about her experience with GreenLite and she was thrilled.

I was also very impressed by Holly. She was smart, knowledgeable, personable, positive, friendly, and witty. I knew her job was to explain the GreenLite program in detail but she went beyond the call of duty to personalize it to be sure I understood it AND ensure that I could follow it, drawing from her experience on the program and what has worked for her.

Her explanation of why certain foods were not allowed on the plan, and why protein was the staple on the plan, was thorough and scientifically sound. She also gave me information about how I might feel, why the appetite suppressants help, especially initially, the importance of vitamin supplements throughout the plan, and assured me that I was fully capable of being successful and happy doing it!

Meeting Dr. Rugh was delightful! I felt as though she was invested in my success, would do whatever she could for me, and provide me tools and teach me techniques.  It was great to hear her approach to weight loss and why the GreenLite program works and she, too, listened to my challenges, temptations, lifestyle, food preferences, habits, and goals, and shared ways to follow the GreenLite eating plan within my life.  They customized it for me, so I could be successful instead of following a “cookie-cutter” plan that I would need to fit into.

Each of them gave me their phone numbers and email addresses and said to contact them with any questions any time.

Their sincerity and commitment to my success were evident and heartfelt. At that first visit, I felt that GreenLite Medicine would, indeed, be a true partner in my weight loss, and I was right!

Currently, I am working to establish an exercise regime. Thankfully, I was encouraged to first focus on my eating and water-drinking habits for the majority of my weight loss. That was a relief since regular exercise (outside of walking and gardening) is a challenge for me.  Now, however, I am working to tone and maintain lean muscle mass. Because of my weight loss, I have more energy and stamina than ever before.

One of the best physical changes is that all of the clothes I wore in May no longer fit. I have lost 5 dress sizes, so I can actually fit into single-digit size clothes that I love without working to cover up extra rolls of fat or a muffin top.

With the weight loss, as mentioned previously, I have more energy and stamina. I don’t have to drag myself out of bed in the morning nor am I feeling exhausted all the time. I’ve run/walked a couple of 5K races and enjoy it instead of dread these things. I am more active.

The other thing I love is that I no longer crave starchy foods, bread, or sweets.  

I no longer have heartburn or digestive problems, and don’t feel like I have eaten too much with any meal. The discipline I’ve been taught and I’m able to practice feels great, gives me a sense of control over my habits, and keeps me focused on my commitment to healthy living and eating.  I’m able to be more mindful of my choices (eating, drinking, exercise) and no longer feel overwhelmed and defeated.

This program has been a Godsend for my self-esteem and self-control.

I work full-time and commute an hour each way to work, so it was important for me to learn to plan my meals, have food purchased for the work week, and rely on recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Also, I am not a prolific cook nor am I an aspiring chef, so that’s an area where I’ve learned that I don’t need to be to be successful on the program. We build our meals around protein and keep them simple.

We’ll grill or broil seasoned lean steaks, chicken, or fish and add a big green salad (fills me up!) with low calorie dressing or a squeeze of lemon, have a roasted or steamed vegetable (green beans, spinach, kale, asparagus, cabbage, etc.) for dinner. Finishing with sugar free jello with a touch of whipped cream or a flavorful herb tea satisfies my sweet tooth. We also stir fry in a non-stick pan meat and veggies.

Nancy turned me on to shirataki noodles, a low calorie, low carb Japanese noodle made out of a type of yam (not our American traditional ones) for the times I feel carb-deprived. They are VERY tasty and I use them in stir fries or as a basis for marinara/meat sauce. They are very filling and give me the sense I am eating pasta.

Since my husband and I love to try new restaurants and frequenting our favorites, Nancy has been great to coach me on ordering. My husband and I split an entrée (saves money and provides the right portions), order an extra side green salad with dressing on the side, and we always opt for lean proteins (especially fish) with a green vegetable.

I’ve found that asking servers to substitute extra vegetables for rice, couscous, potatoes, polenta or other starchy sides, and asking to hold or put sauces on the side, has been very easy to do and has become second nature. Bread baskets are not allowed on our table. I just don’t even want the temptation.

One thing I knew I had to give up to be successful on the program while losing weight was alcohol  I love a glass or two of wine with dinner or an occasional martini or margarita (especially when socializing), but was well aware that I had to cut alcohol out of my diet to maximize weight loss. Nancy helped me navigate social events and encouraged me to enjoy a club soda with lime. I found that having club soda with lime over ice did it for me!  Not only do I feel I am participating in the social activities, it is refreshing, and I feel good the next morning.

I can go on for days about what I have learned from the ladies from GreenLite, but will end here. Bottom line, they have taught me how to take responsibility for my health and lifestyle, and convinced me that I could achieve my goals. They’ve opened me up to new possibilities.

Ready to have a story like Casey’s? Contact us today to book your first appointment!

*Actual Results May Vary

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