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Working out and meeting your fitness goals is great, but feeling well put together and coordinated while doing it is next level awesomeness!  Sometimes, getting your workout gear on and heading out the door toward the gym is half of the battle.  Having your clothes organized and easy to get to makes doing so that much easier.  Just as your weight-loss program takes organization so does your exercise program.  Here are a few tips you can use to organize your workout clothes and accessories.

Gather Your Gear: Go through your closets, drawers, and clothes bins to gather all of your workout clothing.  You may have yoga pants mixed in with work slacks or sports bras in the back of a drawer.  Find a clean, clear spot to sort.  Keep the gear that is in good condition.  Dispose of clothing that is worn.  Consider donating clothing that no longer fits but is in good condition.

Hang Your Workout Clothes: Many of us opt to store our fitness outfits in drawers instead of hanging them in the closet.  Hanging clothes makes them easier to organize and find.  You can hang pants and shorts over the hanger bottom, and place shirts over the top portion of the hanger.  This way, you can also keep matching pairs together.  If you are short on closet space, consider dedicating a drawer or two to workout clothes exclusively.

Do Not Forget Your Extras: Store headbands, socks, gloves, and hats in small bins.  If you have a bunch of socks, hats, or headbands, try storing them together or even separate them by color.  If you do not want to use bins, get creative.  You can use recycled or reusable bags.  Whatever you choose, just be sure to leave your fitness accessories close to your other fitness wear or in an area that will be easy to get to.

Create an Exercise Clothing Area: Create a space that you can use to lay your fitness clothing out for the next day.  Just as meal prepping helps your weight-loss program, clothes prepping helps your exercise program.  It does not have to be a large space but just space that you can get to quickly and easily.  Put your tops, bottoms, and accessories together, and place them in this area the night before your morning workout.  If you work out in the evening, you might even do this in the morning.

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