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Even after working out becomes a part of your lifestyle, you most likely still need motivation to exercise. For those who are just starting out, getting and staying motivated to maintain ongoing physical activity is vital.  Here are some ways you can kick start or keep up the enthusiasm for working out.

  1. Journal: Write down how you feel after you work out.  You may feel accomplished, a boost of energy, or just really good.  Documenting how you feel after each and every workout provides you something to come back to on days that you do not really want to exercise.  This is also a great way to your track goals.

  2. Create Challenges for Yourself: As you are tracking your dieting successes, do not forget to set new exercise goals.  It is easier to stay focused on your fitness goals if youare always working toward something new.

  3. Challenge Others: Get with a group of friends and find ways to challenge each other.  This can include friendly competition or just good old accountability to help keep each other on track.

  4. Workout Clothes: Sometimes, the easiest way to get motivated is to put on workout clothes.  For some, this is half the battle, because changing out of those clothes without working out is not an option.

  5. Snap Pics: You are bound to see somebeautiful sights when you are out for your evening run or walk.  For those who love to snap pictures, incorporating photography into your workout can make that run really worthwhile.

  6. Find Fun Ways to Get Exercise: Working out can be as fun as you make it.  From rock wall climbing to stand-up paddle boarding to aerial yoga, the options are endless.  Until you find that one activity that you are always excited to do, have fun exploring new ways to work out.

  7. Download Exercise Apps: There are several cool phone apps that help make workouts fun.  Some apps are interactive and can be played with friends or incorporated with your dieting goals.  Other apps help you set and track fitness goals.  If you are going to download an app to help keep you motivated, consider allowing notifications from the app.  These notifications may help keep you focused on your fitness goals.

  8. Remember Your Why: Do not forget why you started.  Whatever the why is for you, let it continue to be your motivation even years after you have set and met your goals.  Sometimes, remembering your why is enough to get you up and out of the door for that morning workout routine.


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