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dog-774724_640Are you looking for new ways to stay active this year?  Here are seven different fun and free group activities around the Bay Area that you can try out.  If you are concerned that you will stick out like a sore thumb in a group class, don’t be!  The beginning of the year always has the biggest groups thanks to resolutions to lose weight.  Many people will be rookies!

Day 1 – Namaste
Have you ever tried yoga outdoors before?  The fresh outdoors is a great place to relax your mind while building your body’s strength.  The Mountain View-based “Yoga Journey in the Park,” for example, holds weekly one-hour vinyasa classes.  The class is described as “beginner friendly with opportunities for advanced students to take their practice a bit further.”

Day 2 – Krav Maga
If you are not already familiar with Krav Maga, it is a regimen based on self-defense and counterattack systems that was developed for the Israeli Defense Forces.  The movements combine techniques from aikido, judo, boxing, and wrestling.  So, why not lose weight while learning how to defend yourself in a worst-case scenario?  For a starting place, “Krav Zone” has a free-trial offered throughout its seven South Bay locations.

Day 3 – Fun with Fido
If you are looking for fun outdoor adventures for you and your dog, there is a South Bay group for you!  “Off Peak Hikes” is a free group that has dog-friendly hikes in the Morgan Hills, South Bay, and East Bay areas.  There are occasional outings in the Peninsula, too.  Try a different trail on each outing for a change of scenery.

Day 4 – Take a Hike (literally)

Looking for a beginner to intermediate hiking group?  “Sleep Late and Hike” is a large, Palo Alto-based group that engages in afternoon hikes on the weekends.  Hikes usually average about five miles and are located within a roughly 90-minute drive from Santa Clara County, though once in a while, there are the occasional trips to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe.  Try it out, and soon, you will become a pro Bay Area explorer!

Day 5 – Fitness Boot Camp
Fitness boot camps are great for people who enjoy out-of-the-box exercises, are looking to get their heart rate up, and want lose weight.  “Life Sport Fitness,” for example, offers non-militaristic boot camps for all fitness levels, and they even have a program designed specifically for women over 40.  They offer a one-week free intro program for classes in San Jose, Campbell, and Los Gatos.

Day 6 – Pilates
For a change of pace, Pilates V has a studio in San Jose that has equipment-based classes instead of the usual mat classes.  If you have not tried it before, this is a great opportunity to work out all of your core muscles in a different way.  Plus, they offer an intro class at zero charge, so you can try out the equipment first before committing.

Day 7 – Tennis
A great thing about living in the Bay area is the multitude of public recreation facilities.  The Bay area has hundreds of public tennis courts that are free to use.  There are many tennis groups for all levels and interests (women only, couples, etc.).  There is probably one at your local park or community center.  If not, a good resource for you to get out on the court is MeetUp groups where you can find the group that you feel will best fit your needs.

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