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businesswriting-20100507-145810There are many factors that contribute to fatigue or lethargy, and an unbalanced, unhealthy diet is at the root of sluggishness for most people.  Let us identify the six main offenders that cause the body to lack the energy needed to be fully productive, so you can avoid or limit them from your healthy foods diet plan.

Alcohol: Drinking acts as a stimulant, but as the initial “buzz” wears off, it starts to take on the characteristics of a sedative.  Many people who drink alcohol on a regular basis have trouble sleeping throughout the night and, thus, furthers the connection between alcohol and fatigue.

Caffeine: Some people consume coffee to get a burst of energy, so they can battle fatigue.  However, when coffee and other drinks high in caffeine are consumed on a regular basis, it may negatively impact the endocrine system, which is responsible for metabolism and the sleep cycle.  Overconsumption of caffeine may result in difficulty sleeping and further repeats the vicious cycle of fatigue.

Fatty Foods: Foods high in fat require more energy during the digestion process compared to other healthy foods options.  The energy exerted in the process is at the core of why these foods cause fatigue if not eaten in smaller, moderate portions.

Processed Foods: Food should be used to fuel the body.  Yet, most processed foods contain little or no nutritional value.  Consistent consumption of these foods may lead to malnutrition, which then leads to sluggishness and other health concerns.

Sugary Drinks: Sugary drinks cause fatigue similar to the way sweets affects energy level, but it is also important to realize dehydration’s connection to fatigue.  Drinking plenty of water, and avoiding sugary drinks high in sugar is vital for a healthy foods diet plan.  

Sweets: Consumption of sugary foods causes a spike in blood sugar.  In response, the pancreas releases insulin into your bloodstream.  Insulin works quickly to lower the blood sugar.  This process explains why sugary foods cause a quick burst of energy and then leave you feeling exhausted and worn out shortly afterwards.


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