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farmers-local-market-1547315_640Sticking to a diet plan can definitely be difficult.  The types of food you can have are limited, and when you find recipes that work, you end up repeating them over and over.  In order to prevent getting bored of your food options, make sure you are switching up your normal routine.

Here are 5 ways to change up your meals to keep them interesting.

  1.  Try foods you have never cooked.  If you have been hearing about some healthy food fad that you have never tried before, then now is the perfect opportunity to check out a new diet plan option while also broadening your spectrum of meals.  With new foods comes new recipes to try.  You should not feel like you need to eat spinach day in and day out.  
  1.  Trade recipes with friends.  Having friends on the same diet plan as you is an excellent and easy way to get a variety of recipes.  Swap healthy recipe ideas with your friends or even switch lunches with them.  Eating the same lunch everyday will definitely get boring, so switching meals with your friends will help everyone change up their daily routine.
  1. Mimick your favorite restaurant dishes.  Just because you are on a new diet plan does not mean you have to give up all your favorite restaurant dishes.  Try to recreate them at home, and switch out the unhealthy ingredients for plan-friendly options.  Doing this could help to add variety to your recipes as well as curb your cravings towards restaurant foods.  And who knows, maybe you can make the meals even better!
  1.  Use new spices.  Changing up your meals does not mean you need to get all new recipes.  Even switching up or adding new spices can add a new pop to your meals and keep you from getting tired of the same dishes.
  1.  Switch out ingredients in your recipes.  Make even bigger changes to your recipes.  Instead of changing out spices, switch out the protein or vegetables you usually use.  That may make all the difference and add variety to the dishes you already make.  If you usually pair your chicken with green beans, try changing it out for a cold tomato and cucumber salad.  Just because you always make a recipe one way does not mean you have to keep with the same old routine.

Lastly, if all fails, consult the internet for healthy meals options or ask your health educator for new recipe ideas.  Check out our recipe page for some inspiration.  Your ingredients may be a little more limited than you are used to, but recipes ideas are endless!

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