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Physical activity is important on and off the clock, but some of us sit at a desk all day and rarely get a chance to move around.  Even with super busy schedules, you can still sneak in some workout moves for your weight-loss plan.  You just have to make sure you have the right moves in your briefcase.  Below are some workout moves that you can incorporate into your work day to stay active in the office.

Take the Stairs: Stair climbing is a great way to slightly increase your heart rate without looking completely disheveled afterward.  Instead of only taking the stairs when you are replacing it with the elevator, consider taking a trip or two up and down the stairs during down time.

Walking Meetings: If you work in an environment where meetings are plenteous, try a walking meeting every now and then.  This works especially well when two or three people are meeting to catch up on details of a project or any topic that does not require a lot of note-taking.  Walking meetings not only get you moving but may help ideas flow, too.

Chair Swivel: Who does not love a weight-loss ab workout that you can do at your desk?  Sit in a swivel chair with a straight back and feet slightly off of the ground.  Place your hands on the desk to find your center, and use your abs to swivel back and forth.

Squat and Sit: Squats are a basic workout move that can be done just about anywhere and without any equipment.  Challenge yourself to complete a few squats right at your desk during a certain time of the day.  Make sure your feet are a little wider than shoulder width apart and that your chest is lifted.  Remember to engage your core, and squeeze your glutes on the way back up for the most effective weight-loss.  Consider doing a few squats at your desk before lunch, during breaks, or after meetings.

Seated Leg Raise: Aside from squats, try the seated leg raise.  While sitting at your desk, straighten one of your legs and hold in place for a few seconds.  Next, lower your feet back toward the ground without letting your feet touch the ground.  Add ankle weights to this activity if you need a little extra resistance.


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