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Buying gifts can be a real challenge no matter who you are shopping for – even those whom you know really well.  You may have run out of ideas of what to buy your parents, spouse, or friends.  If you are shopping for someone who is making healthy lifestyle changes and is working towards effective weight-loss, they will appreciate the thoughtfulness of a gift that promotes health.  Check out our list of gifts for the wellness-focused folks in your life.  Or, pick up one of these things as a treat for yourself!

Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers: This gift is a win for the runners, joggers, or early morning speed walkers in your life.  Most people who work out enjoy listening to music or their favorite podcasts while they exercise.  This gift not only keeps them grooving to the latest tunes but also keeps their ears warm.  The fact that this cool gadget is wireless is an added bonus.  Plus, wireless headphone ear warmers can be found online for less than $40.

App-Controlled Bike Lock: If you have a friend or family member who loves to ride their bike around town or does hard-core cycling, this is a gift that they would love.  This gadget allows them to lock and unlock their bike with the touch of a button using the Skylock phone application.  It automatically notifies the bike owner if someone is tampering with their bike.

Moisture-Wicking Underwear: During a productive workout, everything – including your underwear – may get wet.  For the family member who you are comfortable enough to purchase underwear for and who loves to workout, this is the perfect gift.  At around $13 a pair, you can gift them a few pairs without breaking the bank.

Digital Jump Rope: For less than $10, you can buy your loved one a jump rope that counts and stores their jumps for them to stay motivated.  It is a fun gift idea for your pal that has been a health nut for years or the person who has recently made a healthy lifestyle change.

Sweat-Repelling Yoga Mat: Hot yoga is all the rage these days.  People love hot yoga but not the part of replacing a smelly yoga mat every couple of months because of their awesome hot yoga sessions.  These mats repeal moisture and bacteria while keeping odors out.

Effective Weight-Loss Tip: People who are serious about maintaining a healthy diet and maintaining effective weight-loss stay active no matter the environment.  If you do not already have a stash of things that make it easy and pleasurable to break a sweat, start now!

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