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2016_Summer_Olympics_logo.svgWatching the world’s most skilled athletes compete in the Summer Olympic Games is inspiring and exhilarating.  We get three weeks every 4 years to watch a plethora of sports being performed at the world’s top level, but we do not have to wait 4 years to celebrate some of the sports that we only tend to pay attention to during the Olympics.  We can incorporate some events into our workout routines every day to boost our weight-loss program.

Track and Field: Track-and-field activities are not all about speed.  They are versatile and provide options for strengthening and cardio workouts.  People who engage in track-and-field-related activities reap the benefits of increased balance, agility, and core stability.  If running long or short distances is not your thing, give some of the track-and-field warm-ups a try.  Consider building leg strength by adding squats, leg presses, and box jumps to your routine.

Swimming: One of the best low-impact, high-result exercise options is swimming.  Swimming is a great way to get a full body workout if you have issues with joint pain or arthritis.  Swimming not only burns calories but also tones muscles.  If swimming in a pool is not exciting enough, consider adding moves like the breaststroke and the backstroke into your routine.  Swimming may also help you build endurance to participate in other fitness activities.

Gymnastics: One of the most amazing sports to watch during the Olympics is gymnastics, yet incorporating gymnastics into a regular workout routine may seem daunting.  For the adventurous, finding a gymnastics studio to bounce and flip around is a great way to burn calories and increase flexibility.  For others, you can add gymnastic moves to your routine by performing handstand pushups, burning calories on a trampoline, or doing the L-seat move on parallel bars.

Boxing: Boxing is a great way to burn calories while strengthening muscles at the same time.  Boxing engages the entire body but especially serves as a good way to get a good upper-body cardio workout.  If you love running, boxing may be the perfect cross-training option.  Boxing is both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.  Some of the benefits associated with boxing include an engaged core, improved coordination, and increased metabolism.

Archery: Archery not only works out your upper body but also engages other areas of the body.  Since archery involves a lot of walking, you burn calories while walking and also while drawing a bow.  Archery helps strengthen the rotator cuff muscles, biceps, lats, and deltoids.  In addition to those benefits, archery also helps improve focus and coordination.  For some, it is also a good stress-relieving activity.

There are so many ways to incorporate the Olympic sports we love to watch into our workout routines.  It is important to find ways to keep your workout routine exciting when participating in a weight-loss program.  Adding even the smallest new move to your routine will help keep you working toward your fitness and health goals.  The key is to stay active and keep things fun.

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