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The gym can be quite an intimidating place if it is not a part of your normal routine.  Below are 5 important gym etiquette tips that will help you feel comfortable while trying to lose weight.

What to Wear: Your gym attire could have a negative or positive impact on your gym visit.  Clothes that are too tight may inhibit your workout moves, especially while jogging on the treadmill or during an intense fitness class.  Workout gear that is too baggy can be tripped over.  While tight clothes can restrict your movements, loose clothes make it difficult to see movements you may want to pay attention to.  For example, you want to keep correct form while performing squats.  This is difficult to keep track of when clothes are baggy.  The rule of thumb is to wear clothes that are comfortable and fit.

Bring a Towel: A good workout is going to probably cause you to sweat, so keep a towel handy for when sweat starts pouring.  The last thing you want is to splash sweat on your neighbor.  Equally important, remember to wipe down the gym equipment after use.  Some gyms will provide wipes for you to wipe the equipment.

Training in Front of Weights: Avoid training in front of the weight rack.  It is easy to grab a weight and use it right in front of the rack, but it is equally as easy to move to an open space to use the weights.  The last thing you want to do is block others from the weights.  Do not forget to re-rack your weights when you are done.

Communicate with Fitness Class Instructors: If you are visiting a fitness class for the first time, it is a good idea to let your fitness instructor know if you have issues that will prohibit you from doing certain moves.  This is helpful so that the instructor can find ways to help you modify the movements while still get in a good workout.  Since your overall goal is to lose weight, every workout counts.

Cardio Machine Time Limits: Many gyms have limited cardio machines.  Because of this, during busy times, there are time limits on certain machines.  Be sure to get off of time-limited machines when your time is up.  If you are in the mood to use that machine again, it is usually as simple as signing up to use it again.


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