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How many of us have gifts from birthdays or holidays that we never use?  Most of us do, and those gifts either end up taking up space, in the garbage, or donated.  Consider the following gifts, which are sure bets to complement a successful weight-loss program for yourself or your loved ones whom want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Gift Card to a Workout Studio: The same old workout routine gets boring and becomes unproductive pretty quickly.  Help spice up the weight-loss exercise routine of a loved one by giving them a gift card to a workout studio.  If they have been excited to try hot yoga or ballroom dancing, this gift may kick start a new passion, and they will have you to thank.  Another plus is that you can usually purchase gift cards for any amount over $25.

Vacuum Packing Machine: For those who love to cook and save money on food, a vacuum packing machine is a great tool to have on hand.  These machines are used to help preserve food and seal flavor.  They are ideal options for people who love to cook and buy food in bulk.  You can purchase a vacuum packing machine for as low as $70.

Food Club Membership: If you are a healthy foodie or shopping for a healthy foodie, you are in luck.  There are a number of food club memberships to choose from.  They range from the newer subscriptions that feature meals-in-a-box to the familiar fruit-of-the-month clubs.  The cost of these memberships ranges from $25 to over $100 depending on how many months are gifted.

Fitness Tracker: Fitness trackers have been popular for the last few years and a staple of weight-loss programs.  They track sleep, physical activity, and sometimes even calories.  They can be found in different colors, sizes, and styles.  A fitness tracker watchband can be purchased for as low as $50.  The pricier, newer fitness tracker necklaces and bracelet designs start at around $100.

Running Armband: For better or worse, people are very attached to their handheld devices.  The running armband gives the active (or soon to be active) people a way to stay connected to their music, their contacts, and everything else that they have access to on their phones while working out.  These amazing bands can be purchased for $20.

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