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Are you in tune with your mental health?  Do you feel comfortable with the fact that mental ebbs and flows are normal?  Do you know how to roll with the punches when you are feeling gloomy in a healthy way?  Here are a few ways that embracing the fluidity of your mental health will positively impact your mental health IQ, life, and overall wellness.

1. Allows You to Reach Out When You Need To: Becoming aware and embracing the continuum of your own mental health not only allows you to stay self-aware but also gives you the opportunity to reach out to others when needed.  This supports a culture of understanding that we all have felt mentally depleted at one point in time.  This awareness takes the stigma out of reaching out to either a friend, professional counselor, or counselor-guided groups when needed.  Reaching out helps us remember that we are not living our reality alone.

2. Helps Avoid Shame When You Feel Down: Feeling down due to anything from hormonal changes, new life changes, or recent disappointments is a part of life.  Dieting ups and downs can certainly bring on shame.  Our society places a standard on individuals that does not allow a lot of room to process the cause of certain emotions or feelings.  This can lead to avoidance, which makes it difficult to pay attention to your feelings in the first place.  Realizing that mental health is fluid gives you the opportunity to be in tune with your feelings.  Once you feel the onset of sadness, fear, or being overwhelmed, you can work through those emotions.  In addition, the shame associated with not feeling mentally depleted may dissipate when you can acknowledge that everyone has felt down at some point in time.

3. Encourages Mental Breaks: When our bodies are sick and physically tired to the point of needing a break, most people have no issue taking a day off of work or slowing down.  The same consideration should be true for your mental health.  Being aware of your mental health and embracing it helps you become more aware of when a mental break is needed.  It can also help you to jump a step ahead of the mental or emotional fatigue and take a break before you come crashing down.  Insight allows you to be proactive, especially when it comes to dieting.

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