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We all ha3lfjvve those days when scheduling a workout seems challenging.  Instead of thinking there is no way to get in a workout for your fat loss, take the time to get in just 20 minutes.  If you ar wondering what you can do, below are a few ideas that do not involve a gym or equipment other than athletic shoes.  

Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks is a great form of aerobic exercise that encourages fat loss.  It helps elevate the heart and deliver oxygen to the bloodstream.  Because you are moving your core muscle groups while performing jumping jacks, they also serve as a good strengthening exercise.  You can burn about 218 calories if you do jumping jacks for 20 minutes.  Tip: Add an extra 5 minutes to this routine, and you can burn 250 calories.  If you want to mix things up, try a routine that incorporates jumping jacks and pushups.

Dancing: Dancing is not only a fun way to relieve stress, but it is also a good way to get a quick workout.  Find a video that features some cool dance moves, and get moving.  Do not worry about rhythm but rather focus on coordinated movements.  Dancing for 20 minutes can burn 147 calories.  Tip: An additional 5 minutes could burn 184 calories.

Mountain Climbers: Mountain climbers give you a full body workout.  Because this exercise engages most of the muscles in your body, it allows you to burn more calories in less time.  20 minutes of doing mountain climbers can burn more than 300 calories.  Aside from the fat loss benefits, mountain climbers improve blood circulation and flexibility.  Tip: An additional 5 minutes can burn 375 calories.

Planks: You may not associate the plank with fat loss, but it is known as one of the best movements for core conditioning.  Planks also engage many other muscles in the body and improve posture and balance.  A 1-minute plank hold burns about 3 calories, so if you were to do twenty 1-minute planks you would burn 60 calories.  Tip: Add 5 more planks, and you would burn 75 calories.

Running: Running is not only a good aerobic workout but also engages the core.  Running is a good way to promote clear thinking, too.  You could burn 200 calories running at 6 miles per hour for 20 minutes.  The number of calories burned increases if you run in an area with hills or inclined land.  Tip: An additional 5 minutes can burn an extra 50 calories.

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