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It is summertime, and there is no better time than now to try something new. Rock wall climbing is a popular activity that can help you lose weight while having fun. If you are worried about the heat, it is fairly easy to find indoor rock wall climbing locations to help you escape the heat. Climbing indoors also takes some of the pressure off of rocking climbing newbies. Here are some health benefits associated with rock wall climbing.

Burns Calories: For most of us, the primary goal of our workouts is to lose weight.  And, according to Harvard Health Publications, a person could burn about 818 calories an hour while rock wall climbing!

Increases Flexibility: Rock wall climbing forces you to increase your range of motion with reaching and leaping to get to the next handholds and footholds.  These handholds and footholds are usually a reasonable distance apart.  If you are worried about the level of challenge, most indoor rock wall climbing facilities feature courses with footholds and handholds that are closer together for beginners.

Reduces Stress: Like other forms of exercise, rock wall climbing helps reduce stress by increasing endorphins.  Plus, rock climbing uses a lot of mental capacity, making it difficult to think about issues that may be stressing you out.  If you are climbing outdoors, you get the added benefit of being connected to nature, which has been linked to reduced stress levels.

Cardio and Strength Training: Rock climbing engages several muscle groups.  Your abs, calves, quads, obliques, biceps, and traps are all being strengthened.  This makes rock wall climbing great for cardio and strength training.

Improves Mental Strength: Whether you are indoor or outdoor and regardless of your experience level, rock wall climbing requires strong problem-solving skills.  You will have to use your judgment to navigate the wall and plan your route.  You will also have to employ your hand-eye coordination skills and be able to properly assess and stretch your limits.

Team Building: Rock wall climbing is a great way to strengthen and further build teams.  You could incorporate rock wall climbing into a training at your place of work to help build team morale.  Rock wall climbing is also a great way to have some really productive family time.  This way, your family is not only getting a good workout but learning skills that help build strong communication amongst family members.  For those of you whom have a group of friends/family/co-workers all working to lose weight, rock wall climbing is a great choice.




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