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2581438627_c877326c43_bDid you recently start a new diet plan for weight-loss but is finding it hard to stick to?  New diet plans for weight-loss can narrow the types of foods you should and should not be eating, and getting into that mindset is challenging.  Often times, there are too many temptations surrounding you and the personal switch in eating habits can make you feel self-conscious.  One way to overcome this is to get your friends, family, or coworkers involved.  They can join your new lifestyle and the diet plan can be beneficial to everyone.  Here are 10 reasons why sharing your diet plan with others could be the best supplement for weight-loss:

Social Situations: You do not need to be afraid to pass on the bread and butter or feel self-conscious about ordering a specific way to fit your diet plan.  If your friends are following the same diet plan, they will be in the same boat as you, trying to find on-plan meal options.  Enjoy a night’s out with great company and still stick to the plan.

Sharing is Caring: When starting a new diet plan, what you cook in the kitchen could completely switch up, making it difficult to plan out your meals everyday.  Some diet plans will give you recipes to reference, but often times, those recipes will quickly become tiresome.  In order to make sure you do not get sick of what you are eating, start trying out new recipes and techniques for healthy cooking.  Have a friend who is creative in the kitchen?  Start sharing new ideas for recipes, and keep that diet plan ever-changing.  By opening yourself up to new recipes, you may find that eating on-plan can be an easy, long-term change.

Healthy Potlucks: Sometimes, eating your own meals or going out for every meal can become tedious.  If your friends are also on the same diet plan, why not have a weekend get-together or business lunch potluck where everyone brings in a different home-cooked, plan-friendly meal for all to sample?  Trying someone else’s favorite meal may also inspire you to try some new cooking styles or substitutions.

Avoid Temptations: One of the hardest parts of dieting is definitely the amount of temptations out there.  This can easily lead to slip-ups and cheat days.  However, making sure you surround yourself with only healthy foods and good choices will help make avoiding temptations significantly easier.  When the company you keep is also trying to avoid the same tempting foods and snack, it can be even easier to stay safely away from carb-heavy, sugary foods.

Exercise: While in the process of changing your lifestyle and staying on your diet plan, you will eventually find yourself considering a membership at that new gym in your neighborhood or a new workout class.  Trying out a new exercise can be intimidating on your own, but when your friends are also looking to improve their health, you now have company to check out new classes together.

Life is Hard: Everything can be progressing well, and you are completely on plan.  However, sometimes, life can be hard and encountering setbacks can really bring you down and make you feel unmotivated.  Although opening up can be difficult, having someone who can relate to you can help you get back on track.  Confide during hard times, and realize that one slip-up does not undo all of your hard work.  With friends on the same path, you can get right back on track and keep moving forward.

Share the Success: One or two pounds might not change your pants size immediately, but that does not mean it is not a huge success for you.  With company who also understand how difficult it can be to shed those pounds, your success can be celebrated amongst all your friends and motivate you to keep losing more.

Similar Schedules: Forming new habits can be difficult when everyone around you is still caught up in old routines.  For example, your friends usually break out the wine and snacks late at night and make it difficult for you to watch.  When you are working to change up your routine but feel inclined to accompany your friends, sticking with your program can be challenging.  If your friends get into the same healthier habits, it could become a lot easier to stay on-plan and still be social.

Stay on Track: Setting yourself on the road for weight-loss can be a long trek.  There will be ups and downs, and for a lot of people, the down parts will make them feel like giving up.  When your friends are also doing the same diet plan, it can be a lot easier to stay on track and have less slip ups.  Being accountable to others can make all the difference!

Spread the Word: You took the step to start a healthier lifestyle and then got another friend to join you as well.  Once other friends and coworkers start to see the difference the diet plan has made, that motivation to become healthier will start to expand.  Spread the healthy bug around to everyone, and inspire them to focus more on their diet, too.  Be the positive impact others need to get going.

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